Indian Child Welfare Act

The Indian Child Welfare Act (“ICWA”), 25 U.S.C. §§ 1901–1963, was enacted by Congress in 1978 to prevent the diffusion of Native American children away from their families and cultural heritage. Among other things, ICWA raises the standard for a non-Native American to obtain custody over an “Indian Child.”

Native Americans and Child Custody

If you have a child custody case in which ICWA applies, it is imperative you have an attorney familiar with ICWA as well as tribal laws and procedures. Poole Law Office PLLC has experience litigating ICWA cases, working with Minnesota Tribal Communities, and representing Native Americans in court. Our team will use its experience to your advantage and help ensure a custodial arrangement compliant with Federal, State, and Tribal laws. To speak with one of our experienced attorneys in Duluth, contact Poole Law Office PLLC today.