Unemployment Compensation Appeals

Unemployment Lawyer Duluth, MN

Minnesota unemployment compensation law states that applicants for unemployment must be unemployed. Additionally, they must be unemployed for a particular reason (i.e. the employee was discharged, laid off, or had their hours reduced). In order to receive unemployment compensation in Duluth, Minnesota, Recipients must be available to work and must be actively seeking a job. In some circumstances, students and people who voluntarily left a job may also receive unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Compensation Appeals Lawyer in Duluth, MN

Frequently, people applying for unemployment compensation in Minnesota are denied benefits. Sometimes, however, there is no legal reason for denying somebody unemployment compensation benefits. Applicants who have been denied benefits from their former employers have the right to appeal an eligibility determination. Contact an unemployment compensation appeals lawyer in Duluth, MN if you feel you have been wrongfully denied unemployment benefits.

Unemployment Compensation Appeal Hearing

An unemployment compensation appeal hearing is conducted by an unemployment law judge. If the appeal is unsuccessful, the party may submit a Request for Reconsideration. If that request denied, an appeal can be taken to the Minnesota Court of Appeals. If you have been denied unemployment compensation in Duluth, MN, contact an unemployment appeals lawyer today.

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