3 Ways to Avoid Committing a Crime this Thanksgiving

November 16, 2014

Each November, family and friends come together on Thanksgiving to give thanks to the many things that make life so splendid. Turkey is served in mass quantities, alcohol is liberally consumed, and loved ones are reunited. For many people, these three ingredients turn into fond memories, for others, it can lead to being a cold turkey laying on the floor of St. Louis County lockup. To avoid the latter, here are the top three ways to avoid committing a crime this turkey season.

Find a safe and sober driver. If you have been drinking, which you probably have been, make sure you talk to your Great Aunt Mutzy in advance to make sure she will be your sober ride. Alternatively, you can put a local Duluth cab company on speed dial. Law enforcement in Duluth will likely be out in full force. The last position you want to be in talking to a DWI attorney on the phone while the cops are asking if you will take a breath test.

Plan ahead and shop for food BEFORE Thanksgiving. It never fails that on the day or eve of Thanksgiving, people are scrambling to make last second food plans. Your cousin Tony runs into the grocery store at 8:00 a.m. on the big day because somebody forgot to buy the frozen cranberries. As he approaches the cranberry section, he notices there is only one bag left. As he is reaching for it, he notices out of the corner of his eye another hand reaching for the same bag. He looks up, and make eyes contact with some other shmuck who is thinking the exact same thing. Chaos ensues, and soon law enforcement is hauling two people away for disorderly conduct.

Don’t eat too much turkey, or any food for that matter. Whether it’s the tryptophan in the turkey or simply eating too much food, you’re bound to get sleepy. For many, however, Thanksgiving does not conclude with a peaceful slumber, but instead a drive home that can last hours and in sometimes nasty weather conditions. These are the perfect ingredients for falling asleep behind the wheel and zipping off into a parked car, telephone pole, or worse. The next thing you know a cop is on the scene and lecturing you about careless or reckless driving.

Duluth, MN Criminal Defense Lawyer

In all seriousness, be safe this Thanksgiving season. In the event you have a run-in with law enforcement and are charged with a crime, don’t let it ruin your holiday season and contact a criminal defense lawyer to sort through your options. Poole Law Office PLLC is a law practice in Duluth, MN that represents clients in all areas of criminal defense, including DWI or DUI, Assault, and more. Attorney Andrew T. Poole has represented hundreds of clients and practices all over Northern Minnesota, including Duluth, Cloquet, Two Harbors, Grand Marais, Grand Rapids, Hibbing, and Virginia. To schedule a free consultation, please fill out of the contact form on the right side of the screen, or call 218-461-0247.