Military Law

If you are a service member, a criminal conviction can ruin your military career.  Andrew T. Poole of Poole Law Office PLLC has served for over 10 years and is currently in the JAG Corps.  So long as you don’t belong to his unit, he can provide you with the specialized representation you need.  Additionally, he offers reduced rates to current and former service members. To learn more, contact Andrew T. Poole today.

Duluth Family Attorney and Divorce Lawyer

The divorce rate among military members has been steadily climbing since 2001. Military marriages are unique and oftentimes Soldiers are not prepared for the stress that multiple deployments can put on a family.  As a fellow Soldier whose only brother spent two years in Iraq, Andrew T. Poole understands the difficulties of serving your country.  If you are contemplating a divorce, you need to contact a Duluth divorce lawyer who understands your unique situation.  Contact Poole Law Office PLLC today to get the help you need.

Poole Law Office PLLC also practices in the areas of Criminal Defense, DWI / DUI, Divorce, and Bankruptcy.

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