While we cannot guarantee a specific outcome, here are a few recent examples of how some criminal cases were resolved:

Charge: Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance

Outcome: Verdict of NOT GUILTY

Charge: Reckless Driving

Outcome: Dismissed.

Expungement: One client with five separate criminal files including underage drinking and driving

Outcome: All expungements granted.

Charge: Felony Domestic Assault by Strangulation

Outcome: Dismissed.

Charge: Third Degree DWI

Outcome: Reduced to careless driving.

Charge: Felony Terroristic Threats

Outcome: Reduced to misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

Charge: Prostitution

Outcome: Dismissed by prosecutor after arguing that the client’s due process rights were violated by the police officer.

Charge: Possession of a Synthetic Cannibinoid

Outcome: Dismissed by Judge after challenging probable cause.

Charge: Criminal Damage to Property and Disorderly Conduct

Outcome: Criminal damage to property was dismissed by the Judge after we challenged probable cause. Disorderly conduct was amended to a petty misdemeanor, which is typically the same level of offense as a traffic violation.

Order for Protection Hearing

Outcome: Represented the Respondent at an order for protection hearing. The respondent denied the allegations in the petition and the Judge dismissed the matter after an evidentiary hearing.

Civil Restraining Order Hearing

Outcome: Former Service Member was served with a petition for a restraining order. Client invoked his right to a judicial hearing and hired me to represent him. The Judge dismissed the restraining order because she did not have a reasonable belief my client engage in harassment.

Charge: 4th Degree Driving While Impaired; Careless Driving

Outcome: Client received a stay of adjudication on the DWI charge and it will be dismissed if he does not have a similar charge within one year. Great outcome for a Client who wants to join the military.

Charge: Tampering with Motorized Vehicle

Outcome: Case continued for dismissal. Client did not have to plead guilty and it will be dismissed with no jail or fine if he is not charged with a similar crime within one year.

Charge: Domestic Assault

Outcome: Case continued for dismissal after arguing to the prosecutor the victim was not credible and there were no other witnesses. Client did not have to plead guilty and it will be dismissed with no jail or fine if he does have a similar charge within one year.

Charge: Probation Violation

Outcome: Probation Officer wanted client to serve 10 days in jail for alleged probation violation. The Judge allowed Client to continue on probation without serving the 10 days.