Vehicle Forfeiture

When a person is arrested for DWI or DUI, they might be facing the forfeiture of their vehicle. If this happens to you, you need to immediately contact a Duluth vehicle forfeiture lawyer to help you get your vehicle back. Time is of the essence in these cases because of statutory time limits.

A Duluth criminal lawyer can aggressively challenge the forfeiture of your vehicle. At Olson, Poole & Envall, P.A. we understand the disruption that vehicle forfeiture can cause in your life, so we will work hard to have your vehicle returned. To learn more about how we can help you, fill out our contact form or call us at 218-727-5384 to schedule your free consultation.

Reasons for Vehicle Forfeiture

There are a number of reasons why a vehicle can be forfeited, including:

  • Previous DWI convictions
  • Being involved in an accident that caused injuries to another person
  • Driving with a revoked or suspended license at the time of an auto accident
  • Arrested for child endangerment or having a blood alcohol of at least .20 percent at the time of the arrest

Forfeiture can have a significant negative impact on your life. You cannot complete certain life tasks without your automobile, which is why it is important to speak to your Duluth vehicle forfeiture lawyer as soon as your vehicle is taken by the police. Under the law, you have a short amount of time to request a hearing, so it is critical you contact a Duluth criminal lawyer immediately.  Additionally, you may be able to get your vehicle back with use of the ignition interlock device.

After Vehicle Forfeiture

After the State takes possession of the vehicle, you typically receive notice in the mail explaining how much time you have to petition for the return of your vehicle. Failing to respond by the deadline can result in losing your rights to the vehicle. Petitioning for its return, however, does not guarantee that you will get it back. However, your Duluth criminal lawyer can aggressively pursue the case so that have a greater chance of getting the vehicle returned.

Contact a Duluth Vehicle Forfeiture Lawyer

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