Divorce Process in Duluth, MN: PART ONE

October 16, 2013

Each year, thousands of couples get divorced across the State of Minnesota. Oftentimes, each partner hires their own attorney to represent them throughout the proceeding. Sometimes, only one partner hires a lawyer to simply draft the paperwork. In other instances, neither party will hire a lawyer, and they will attempt to complete the process using pre-printed forms found at the local district courthouse. Regardless of the method, the divorce process in Duluth, MN is generally the same.

Initiating a divorce proceeding in Duluth

The first step to initiating a divorce in Duluth involves the service and filing of a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. Generally, service is accomplished by having somebody personally hand the petition to the other party, but there are alternative methods. Next, In order to be able to file a petition for dissolution of marriage, one party must be a resident of the State of Minnesota for at least 180 days. As to where you file the petition, however, you must consider the physical location of each party within the State.

Where to venue a divorce in Minnesota

“Venue” typically refers to the county or courthouse where the divorce proceedings will actually be heard. If you and your spouse both live in the same county, venue will usually be straight forward. If you live in separate counties, however, you may choose the county in which you want your divorce venued. While divorce laws to not change from county to county, the way in which the district court handles and processes cases may be slightly different, and you therefore should speak with a lawyer prior to making this decision.

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer in Duluth

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