How Does DWI Court Work in Duluth, MN?

August 15, 2012

DWI Court in Duluth, MN

Located in Duluth, MN, South St. Louis County has a DWI Court that adds treatment based approaches to intensive supervision. Felony level DWI offenders and second degree DWI offenders that have been unsuccessful in maintaining sobriety while on probation in Duluth, MN are eligible. Participants are required to undergo frequent and random drug testings, comply with frequent at home visits by probation, and complete all other treatment requirements.

What happens at DWI Court?

DWI Court consists of a team of individuals representing different agencies and organizations. Each week the team meets to discuss the progress of each participant. Additionally, each participant appears before the judge on a regular basis. During the week, probation makes frequent home visits and treament providers keep the team up-to-date on the participants are doing. The ultimate goal is to create a sober lifestyle for participants.

DWI Lawyer in Duluth, MN

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