Last Place On Earth Owner Convicted In Federal Court

October 8, 2013

Jim Carlson, owner of Duluth’s local head shop Last Place on Earth, was convicted yesterday in Federal Court on federal charges related to the sale of synthetic drugs, and money laundering. Synthetic drugs include “incense,” “spice” or “bath salts,” and occupy an ambiguous area of the law that is difficult to regulate and control as a result of constantly changing formulas and chemical compositions.

Synthetic Drug Laws in Minnesota

During the course of the federal trial, Jim Carlson openly admitted to selling the substances in question, but his attorney argued that he never did anything illegal. During the trial, testimony was presented from both State and Defense expert witnesses regarding the synthetic substances in question. To learn more about this story, you can find a news report here.

Synthetic Drugs in Duluth, MN

This trial wraps up several years after City Officials in Duluth, MN started stumping over ways to control and regulate the sale and distribution of synthetic drugs in downtown Duluth. In addition to Mr. Carlson’s legal matters, the Duluth Police Department has cited and charged dozens, if not hundreds, of people for using and possessing synthetic drugs in Duluth, MN. You can oftentimes overcome these charges with the assistance of a criminal defense lawyer. I have represented dozens of people being charged with possessing synthetic drugs, and have even succeeded in getting them dismissed for lack of probable cause. Contact my office today to schedule a free consultation if you are being charged with any drug offense.