Police Seeking Suspect in Stabbing at College Fraternity Party

September 30, 2013

Police in Bemidji, Minnesota are looking for a suspect that allegedly stabbed a teenager at a party on property owned by a fraternity. News reports indicate that the victim was stabbed when he attempted to break up a fight between two other males. The victim was taken to a local medical center where he is in stable condition in an intensive care unit. The unknown suspect allegedly stabbed the victim in back. Click here to read the original article.

College Students and Criminal Offenses in Minnesota

It does not a take a study to understand that college and university students frequently find themselves on the wrong side of the law after attending a college party. In Duluth, Minnesota there are several major universities and colleges and college student are frequently charged with criminal offenses. This story from Bemidji, MN is not uncommon in that it involved somebody attempting to break up an assault. It is unfortunate to hear that somebody was seriously injured. I have seen cases where the person attempting to break up the assault was not injured, and prosecutors in Duluth, MN charged the person with disorderly conduct. Disorderly conduct and assault charges are very common in Duluth, but are not the only charges college students frequently face.

University and Student Crimes in Duluth, MN

University and college students in Duluth, MN are frequently charged with DWI or DUI offenses, as well as underage consumption of alcohol. Other common offenses include fleeing on foot, criminal damage to property, and obstructing legal process. These criminal charges can have a substantial impact on the student’s future.

Hiring a Lawyer in Duluth, MN that represents students

If you are a college or university student in Duluth, MN and are charged with any criminal offense, including DWI or DUI, underage consumption of alcohol, or any other offense, you should get the assistance of a criminal defense attorney in Duluth that represents college students. Legal help can ensure you are making choices that are designed to protect your future as a professional. To schedule a free consultation with Attorney Andrew T. Poole, please contact Poole Law Office PLLC by calling 218-461-0247.