Study Finds Divorce On The Rise, Even Among Baby Boomers

June 8, 2014

A new report published by the University of Minnesota finds that the divorce rate is on the rise, particularly among older Americans. According to Steven Ruggles, director of the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota and co-author of the report, roughly half of all marriages end in divorce. Also, the baby boomer generation appears to be getting divorced at a faster rate. The published report can be found here.

Why do people wait to get divorced?

One main reason people wait to get divorced is because they want to make sure they are financially secure before on a new life of their own. Additionally, many people find that it is cheaper and less disruptive to part ways after the children graduate high school and leave the home. By not having to deal with child custody and child support issues, the amount of potential conflict in a divorce can substantially decrease.

Getting Divorced in Duluth, MN

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